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An Unconventional Journey

My journey to this point has been unconventional to say the least. I somehow ended up working in the corporate world for fifteen years of my life after having a childhood of always wanting to be a doctor. I couldn't understand how my life had veered so far away from what had seemed so important to me during my youth.

However after two life-changing moments in my life a few years ago; firstly the relationship with my partner ended, and then only a few weeks later my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, I realised that something had to change.

These two events, whilst very distressing, helped me greatly to refocus and remember why I wanted to be a doctor in the first place. I was passionate about helping people, and in those few weeks I was able to reconnect to it in a way I had never managed before.

New Awareness Brought New Insights

From this renewed awareness my passion for helping people started to grow. I trained in lots of areas including counselling, coaching, yoga, trance and NLP, but it was when I started working with men that I became most energised. Like many boys growing up in the 70s and 80s a culture of male stoicism pervaded my childhood.

As a child I was musical, artistic, expressive and loving, however the culture that surrounded me taught me to act and be a certain way that was at odds with the boy I was inside. I unconsciously decided to fit in, and repressed a lot of the natural and most expressive parts of my personality as I felt they did not fit into this world.

I Started To Find A Real Sense of Purpose

As I raised my awareness through years of self development I started to become more aware of this repressed part of me, and my discomfort at describing myself as a man. I felt more like a boy still, and couldn’t own the term “I am a man” because it just didn’t feel true to me. Men were rugby players and firemen, not office workers who played the piano.

I started to train in an area widely referred to as Men’s Work which helps men to reconnect to a more primal embodied nature of being a man. A large part of this journey was under the tutelage of John Wineland who has, and continues,  to make a huge impact both on my life and the life of many men through the programmes and workshops he runs. I would never be where I am now if it wasn't for John and his work.

Part of the reason for this is the work I did with John helped me to connect to a sense of purpose in life. It connected me to other like minded men which helped me to realise I wasn’t alone. It also enabled me to develop relationships with women that I had never experienced before and it helped to give real meaning to my life.

This Work Changed Everything

It spoke to me in a deep way as I realised that I had chosen to be a people pleaser all my life. I always put others first before myself, I never let anyone down and always did the right thing, but I was failing to realise my own potential because I was too concerned with what everyone thought of me.

I didn’t feel fully connected to being a man and sought constant comparison and affirmation from others.

This work changed everything and provided me with a blue print for how a man could be. After awhile I started to lead some of the work myself and assisted with my teachers groups, and it was this experience that made me realise I was ready to lead my own work.