Private 1:1 Coaching With Mike

I work exclusively with men and women committed to leading inspiring lives. My availability is limited to 5 clients at a time so I can dedicate myself to the work we do together.

The people I work with are already successful in many areas of their life but are ready to push themselves on to the next challenge in life. They want to have more success, more purpose and have deeper and meaningful relationships than they've ever experienced in their lives before.


Who are you?

If we're going to be a fit for each other then you'll resonate with ONE or MORE of these:

  • You feel stuck where you are right now and are ready for a breakthrough
  • You're at a crossroads and are unsure of the next step to take
  • You want more purpose and direction in life
  • You want to take your intimate relationship with your partner to the next level
  • For men, you want to connect more to what it means to be a man and lead in your life from this place
  • For women, you want a relationship that has passion and polarity and still achieve great success in your work

And you'll resonate with ALL of these:

  • You're committed to making changes to your life
  • You're prepared to invest your time, heart, soul and money to make your dreams a reality
  • You're prepared to go deep and be asked the toughest questions you've ever faced
  • You're ready for things to change
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What Does Coaching With Me Look Like?

To work with me 1:1 will be an intense, inspiring and life changing experience. I'm going to ask you questions no one else in your life is prepared to ask. I'm going to believe in you more than anyone and I'm going to help you dream big but then take tiny steps to help you achieve those dreams.

To take the next step you need to click on the button on this page to complete a short questionnaire before we schedule an initial call.

This initial call is free so we can see if we're a fit for each other before moving forward.

Time frame: 3-9 months


  • Regular live coaching via Zoom conferencing
  • We tailor the precise length, frequency and content of the coaching to meet your exact needs
  • Additional coaching support outside of the regular sessions via Voxer (voice app) or email
  • 10% off any group programmes I run

Investment: This varies but 1:1 programmes start at £997

Requirement: You must be committed, ready for things to change and to invest your time and all your energy into creating whatever you want in your life. The time for this is now. If this isn't you then we'll unlikely be a fit for each other.

Note: Please be aware I don't accept every application. I only accept the ones that inspire me where I feel you are genuinely ready to make changes to your life. If you feel like that's you, then tell me.

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Mike is an amazing man, leader and coach. Mike’s biggest gift is his ability to ‘hold up a mirror’ and show you what you don’t want to see about yourself. Always with compassion. Never any judgement.

JM, Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Working with Mike has been truly revolutionary and after a few sessions with him I’ve seen a complete and dramatic change in my life. I’ve worked with other coaches and when I started working with Mike I expected results, but not transformation. I got both, starting with the transformation. If you are looking for a deeply personal experience that will completely change how you relate to yourself and your life, then you’ve found your coach, because after working with Mike you will never be the same again.

KC, Sheffield, UK

I found the whole process surprisingly successful and rewarding. I have been delighted with the outcomes and the sessions have made a real and lasting difference to my life.

LS, Montmorrilon, France

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