Empowering And Inspiring Men To Reach Their True Potential

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Become An Inspired Man

INSPIRING MEN is an online six month deep transformational experience for men who want to create, be and do more in their lives.

It’s for men who want to live an inspiring life, explore who they are, understand and embody what it means to be a man surrounded by other inspiring men, and who want to create deeper and more loving relationships than they have ever thought possible.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You're playing small in life and know you have so much more potential within you
  • You let your fears control you and you can’t break out of habitual patterns
  • You want to break through to the next stage in your life/career/relationship and are doing too much of it on your own
  • You can’t find the courage to do that thing you know you need to do, and need some support to finally do it
  • You don't have strong structure and boundaries in your life and relationships
  • You’re not fully connected to your emotions and feelings which distances you from loved ones and experiences
  • You continually seek approval from others
  • You hide your flaws hoping no one will notice

So many men are striving and exploring alone, trying to connect to and achieve their dreams in order to release and realise their true potential.

So much of our culture encourages men to think they must struggle alone with their fears and emotions but it is the coming together of men that can help them to unleash and realise the true human spirit that exists in all of us.

Do you want help to get you on a path to becoming an inspiring man?

If so this programme will help you to:

  • Face your fears to discover your greatest gifts (sorry but there’s not getting away from this as all growth comes by pushing into our edge)
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of what it means to be a man
  • Develop a deep sense of purpose in life
  • Develop a strong kinship with other men to help develop a more inspiring and trusting masculine sense of self
  • Connect and serve to a higher standard, to something greater than yourself
  • Learn how to cultivate discipline and structure in your life, a foundation from which you can achieve whatever you want
  • Lead in your relationship from a deeper place by understanding and embodying masculine and feminine polarity
  • Strengthen your nervous system so you can remain more open in life instead of collapsing when challenged
  • Live an embodied life instead of one trapped in a head of thoughts and fears

"Mike is one of the few men who is walking his talk. He will support you but most importantly he will challenge you to become the best man you can be. Mike inspired me to step my game up and to be a leader myself."

- Daniel Huesser (Men's Coach)

Programmes like this changed my life

Before I found my first men’s programme I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, I had been single for four years following a difficult breakup, I had developed a tendency to be really needy around women. I had few truly close male friends who I could confide in, I had no sense of purpose, and was just meandering through life. I was reaching for average, and I was getting away with it.

I had this fire though. A fire in my belly that would not go away. It kept calling to me and as much as I tried to ignore it, it wouldn’t let me go. I knew I was better, I knew I could achieve more, but I just didn’t know what to do about it.

Then I found my first men’s programme and things started to happen for me.

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This programme is for men who want to clarify a sense of purpose in life, to live more embodied present lives, who want to be inspired and want to inspire and lead in their lives.

It’s for men who want to do so using the energy of what only a group of men dedicated to each other can achieve. We all have blind spots in our lives so having a group of men who can help you to see yourself better than you can see yourself is life changing.

When I found my first mens programme things started to change

  • I resigned from my office job and an industry I’d worked in for 15 years
  • I went travelling and volunteering around Europe on projects that inspired me
  • I have a strong sense of purpose in my life which is to help men develop inspiring, strong, meaningful and purposeful relationships
  • I started dating again and am now in a loving relationship for the first time in four years
  • I’m doing work I love
  • I started asking for help, and not on the easy stuff but in the really difficult areas of my life I didn’t want to even recognise before
  • I’m shit scared on a regular basis and sometimes think that I’m totally out of my depth and am making one massive mistake after another

"Mike has challenged me, inspired me and supported me to be more of the man I want to be. He's helped me identify and deal with my blind spots. He walks his walk and is inspiring to be with. I feel he sees through the rubbish I tell myself and sees the man I want to be"

- Russell Davis (Coach)

Do you want to live out of courage or fear?

That’s the thing. This stuff is scary. It’s not a walk in the park. There’s no magic pill or mysterious book that will change your life. Inspiring Men are created slowly and consistently from being around other Inspiring Men, so choose wisely who you spend your time with.

I surrounded myself with good men, men who I looked up to, men who were leaning into fears that I knew scared them, but they were doing it anyway. Men who had passionate loving relationships with their partners, men who were living their dreams and men who would regularly ask for help from our group when they felt like it was all falling apart and they needed the support of other good men to help them through. 

These were men who could ask for help, they could be vulnerable, they could hear difficult feedback and they wouldn’t give up.

"I surrounded myself with good men, men who I looked up to, men who were leaning into fears that I knew scared them, but they were doing it anyway"

- Mike Matthews, Founder of The Inspiring Men Project

Would you like to be part of something meaningful?

I want to create a community of Inspiring Men, and I want men with me to make this way of living a reality for thousands of men.

Growth as a man happens when you push into the edge of what feels comfortable. When you can display to yourself that being courageous is no longer what you aspire to be but who you are.

That’s why there is nothing more powerful for a man than to be seen, felt, heard and supported by a group of men who have got his back and can see things in him that he can’t see himself.

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Just give me the details

This programme is for a maximum of eight men, and will include:

  • Video Conferencing Calls

    There will be 12, bimonthly, 2 hour long group calls using Zoom video conferencing. These calls will be where we do the bulk of our work together and will be recorded and made available to you afterwards.

  • Supportive Community

    The men in your group will be part of your new support network to help keep you motivated. You will have access to your own online group forum to enable you support each other and you will receive unlimited coaching and mentoring from myself

  • Training Resources

    You will receive training videos to help train you in specific embodiment, meditation and breathing exercises that will help to strengthen and deepen your nervous system, breathing and presence as a man.

  • Assignments

    You will receive assignments after each call to delve deeper into the work we cover. You will also receive an inspiring reading list of books to keep you motivated and to help deepen your understanding of the work we do

"Mikes direct, curious, supporting and loving approach makes him a great teacher of this important work with men"

- Yaron Engler (Musician, Speaker, Coach)

Here's a summary of what you will get from the programme

  • Tools, techniques and daily practices to help you to live to your true potential as a man
  • We will cover five modules selected specifically for the needs of the men in the group
  • Support from a dedicated tribe of men who are committed to finding their path and helping you to find yours
  • An increased sense of purpose of who you are, what you are here to achieve, where you come from in achieving it and support in taking steps towards achieving it
  • Strengthen your integrity and become more trustworthy as a man
  • Unlimited coaching and mentoring from myself to support you on your journey
  • Learn to lead yourself and others from a deeper place of purpose
  • Experience powerful and meaningful connections with other men in the group
  • Deeper relationships in your life so you can support your loved ones and do so from a more inspiring version of you
  • Be held accountable for what you want to create and who you want to be in the world

What is your investment?


This is a rare opportunity to explore such topics in such a powerful, affordable and supportive way however it is important to note that this programme is not for everyone and because of that an enrolment call is required with every man to ensure that this is a good fit for you and for the group.

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