How To Become A Man That Women Love (And Men Respect)

Discover the 4 keys every man needs to know and how they will give you the love and respect you crave.

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  • Uncover the destructive conditioning that has doomed you to failure
  • Discover the 4 Keys you need to be a passionate and purposeful man
  • Discover how to break free from the habitual patterns that hold you back and make you small
  • Get the 4 Action Steps you can apply to your life TODAY to make an immediate difference to your life
  • Identify the key traits you need to develop in order to break free from self sabotaging habits
  • Get real life example of how to apply these keys in your life
  • Discover the key energy most men have lost that women crave (and how to create it in yourself)
  • Discover what men everywhere are learning to help you live a passionate, purposeful and fulfilling life
  • Determine what action to take to stop behaviours that drain you of energy

Find your passion, purpose and power

What People Are Saying About Mike

There are very few men I would trust to lead me or my students.  Mike is one of them. At a time when depth and true practice are more important than ever, men like Mike stand out as beacons for us to look to.  It is hard to spend time with Mike and not be touched and opened by his commitment to love, truth and beauty.

- John Wineland, Mens Work Leader and Speaker

Every so often in life you connect with people that really have a big impact on you and the quality of life. Mike is one of those people for me. He is a leader in the true sense of the word and has altered the course of my life beyond my imagination. The way I now relate to family, friends and clients is completely different from one year ago. If you are a man, looking for guidance, support, and becoming a man of more value to the world, then Mike is the coach for you.

- Jacob Melaard, Speaker and Coach

Mike is one of the few men who is walking his talk. He will support you but most importantly he will challenge you to become the best man you can be. Mike inspired me to step my game up and to be a leader myself. 

- Daniel Hüsser, CEO at Daju Spirit Coaching GmbH

Mike has challenged me, inspired me and supported me to be more of the man I want to  be. He's helped me identify and deal with my blind spots. He walks his walk and is inspiring to be with. I feel he sees through the rubbish I tell myself and sees the man I want to be. 

- Russell Davis, Fertility Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Mike's direct, curious, supporting and loving approach makes him a great teacher of this important work with men. 

- Yaron Engler, Musician, Speaker and Coach

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